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Top 25 QB Passing Leaders

Top 25 Fantasy Points per Game

Date & Time        Favorite     Spread         Underdog 
10/11 8:20 ET Philadelphia       -2        At NY Giants 45 
10/14 1:00 ET At Minnesota -9.5 Arizona 43.5
10/14 1:00 ET At Cleveland -1 LA Chargers 47 
10/14 1:00 ET Chicago -7 At Miami 40.5 
10/14 1:00 ET Carolina -1 At Washington 44.5 
10/14 1:00 ET At NY Jets -2.5 Indianapolis 48 
10/14 1:00 ET At Cincinnati -1.5 Pittsburgh 50 
10/14 1:00 ET At Atlanta -3 Tampa Bay 57.5 
10/14 1:00 ET Seattle -3 Oakland
(At London) 48 -$155 +$135
10/14 1:00 ET At Houston -10 Buffalo 40 -$500 +$375
10/14 4:05 ET LA Rams -7 At Denver 50 
10/14 4:25 ET Jacksonville -3 At Dallas 39.5 
10/14 4:25 ET Baltimore -2.5 At Tennessee 43.5 
10/14 8:20 ET At New England -4 Kansas City 59.5
Monday Night Football Odds
Week 6, 2018
10/15 8:15 ET At Green Bay    -9.5 San Francisco 46 

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History of the Dope Sheet

The Fantasy Football Wire "Fantasy Dope Sheet" pays homage to the original Green Bay Packers "Dope Sheets" that began in the 1920's. George Whitney Calhoun founded the paper as a means to stay current with Packers opponents including an ever changing landscape of NFL teams and players. It also generated revenue for the Green Bay Packers team locally by selling advertisment spots in the paper. The excerpt below is taken from the innagural issue in 1921, titled "A Word About the Dope Sheet"

​....Our former programs were entirely inadequate. They simply informed you of the names of the numbered players. In no way were you to have first hand "dope" on who these players were, where they have distiniguisehed themselves, what thier records were, how the "Packers" measured up with the teams they shall meet this season. In a word, the fans were "short on dope" the real "dope" which they wanted and needed to intelligently and interestedly follow the fortunes of this great aggregation of football stars. 

As the season advances, "The Dope Sheet' will adequately meet all of these requirements. The information will be first handed and will be official. The "dope sheet" will become a necessity if one wishes to follow the team and the games intelligently. 

Author: J. Emmett Clair, Mgr. Acme Packers Football Club,1921 Dope Sheet innagural issue

In 1915, Calhoun was hired by the Green Bay Review as a telegraph editor, where he worked for two years. He then joined the Green Bay Press-Gazette, also as a telegraph editor, a job he held for 40 years until his retirement in 1957. While working for the Press-Gazette, Calhoun helped form hockey, baseball, and football teams across the region. He also became a well-known sportswriter who was respected by his peers for his knowledge of the Green Bay Packers and the early history of the National Football League. Calhoun died on December 6, 1963, in Green Bay, six years after retiring from the Press-Gazette.

Calhoun wrote The Dope Sheet, the Packers' official newsletter and game program from 1921 to 1924. Because of the constant changing of teams and players in the NFL during the 1920s, The Dope Sheet was important in keeping fans up-to-date on the Packers and their opponents. Calhoun used his job at the Press-Gazette to network with other sports editors and maintain a vast database of early NFL game summaries and statistics. His love of beer and his unique networking abilities were so well known that Calhoun's hotel room was a popular venue before and after Packers games.

Calhoun continued in his role as publicity director until 1947, when he was forced to resign by Lambeau. This was unpopular and permanently damaged Calhoun's relationship with Lambeau. Even after leaving the team, Calhoun remained a strong supporter of the Packers and attended every home game from 1919 to 1956, and served on the Board of Directors of Green Bay Packers until his death.

George Whitney Calhoun 1890 - 1963