Section I: League Branding
This league will be titled the "Polk High FFL"; further, it will be divided into 2 conferences: The NFC Leaders Division & The AFC Legends Division.
This league will utilize the NFL.com website or app. This league will document on the domain "www.thefantasyfootballwire.com"
This league will compete for money as voted upon and agreed by all league owners. 
The Polk High League Champions Trophy will be awarded each year to the winner. The previous champion is responsible for transferring it to the incoming champion in a timely manner once the season has been completed. A 2nd place permanent prize will also be awarded to the runner-up.
Rivalry trophies will be award to the winner of the season series. The trophy will be held by the winner after the seasons victory, and through a repeat. After the series has been won, it will then be transfered and presented at the live draft the following season.

Change of Champion procedure:
The previous champion is responsible for transferring the trophy to the incoming champion.

The penalty for not shipping the trophy to its new owner within the prescribed time period is loss of draft position choice in the following season's draft. Instead of having their choice of draft positions, the offending manager will instead receive the last draft position.

Section II: League Scheduling
Each division will have 4 teams.
Each team will play a 13-week regular season. 
Rivalry games will be played in a best of three game series. Weeks 1, 7 & 13. are to be designated as rivalry games.
Playoffs will be comprised of the top seeded 4 teams playing over 2 weeks to determine a champion. 
Playoffs will run in weeks 15, 16.
Overall record tie breakers are to be determined by each teams overall record. followed by their head to head records, followed by overall points scored as voted upon in 2018.

Section III: Drafting
The Polk High FFL managers will do their best to conduct a live draft prior to each Labor Day weekend at a location to be determined by the leagues each year.
However, the draft will be conducted online, through NFL.com in the event of a cancellation or if unavailable to meet live. Advanced notice will be given by the commisioner.
Those who cannot attend the live draft may also draft online or live on Skype.
The draft order will be determined as such:
Due to the nature of the auction draft and nominations, no particular order is set. Any special requests to nominate at a certain spot may be requested prior to the draft.
Those who cannot attend the draft must make arrangements with the commissioner as to how thier draft will be conducted.

Section IV: Roster Composition
Each team will have 17 roster positions available.
Each team will start 9 roster positions.
The starting rosters will be made up of:
One (1) Quarterback (QB)
Two (2) Running Backs (RB)
Two (2) Wide Receivers (WR)
One (1) Tight End (TE)
One (1) Wide Receiver ,Tight End or Running Back (W / T / R)
One (1) Kicker (K)
One (1) Defense and Special Teams (DEF)
There will be three IR spots for injured or suspended players. 

Section V: Roster Transactions
This league will have a trade deadline on or about the date o f 11/23.
Trades will not be voted on, or approved by the commisioner unless there is a clear and evident collusion event. 
Players cut by league members will be placed on waivers for a total of two (2) days.
Waiver priority will be determined by continual rolling updated worst-to-first priority list as updated by the commisioner each week, as nfl.com does not reset to proper order.
Trades and propasals
Trades may be proposed directly online through nfl.com or in a private chat room through the Polk High league site on slack.com. Owners are responsible for the acceptance of any trade. In the event of an error, the commisioner must be contacted promptly to address an immediate correction. This process must be completed prior to that weeks games. A valid reason must be given, and both parties must agree for a reversal, or a fair, reasonable replacement trade. Please respond to all trade requests promptly during the season. A fair and timely manner would be  within 2-3 days of notification. 

Section VI: Roster Management
All league members are required to manage their rosters on their own. If a member cannot access his roster in time, member may contact the commissioner and have the commissioner make requested changes as long as games have not begun and the commissioner has the immediate time and access to do so. The deadline to contact the commissioner and ask for roster changes is kickoff.
In the event that a member forgets to bench a player that is on a bye week, the commissioner reserves the right to bench said player and replace him with corresponding player on member's bench that is projected the most points for that week.
In the event that a member starts a player that is out due to injury, the commissioner will only bench said player if the player was ruled out 24 hours in advance of the game. 
Players that do not play due to a gametime decision (GTD) will never be replaced by commissioner.
As always, any special requests for a roster or lineup exemption will need to be communicated to the commisioner in a timely manner. 
Injured Player Replacement: (18') In the event of a player being injured during a game, before halftime, that player will be replaced by the next available, first in-line player on the team bench. 

Section VII: Scoring Settings.
Scoring setting are as set on nfl.com and adjusted by the commisioner. At the end of each year, scoring settings, and any rule changes may be proposed and then voted upon by all league owners. A competiton committe (made up of league members) will vote to implement the rule for the next season. No changes will be made during the current season.

Section VIII: Membership
All members of the original Polk High FFL are considered locked into membership, and they may not be removed from membership without “just cause.”
“Just cause” includes, but is not limited to, the following offenses:
Team abandonment.
In the event of team abandonment (during season), after a member is removed from the league, that member’s team will be considered a “bye week” for every other team.
In the event that a member leaves the league or is removed, candidates for new membership can be reccomended by league owners to be approved by a league vote. If a unaminous vote cannot be reached, the final descion will be made by the commisioner.
A member who decides that he cannot fulfill his responsibilities to the league effectively may ask for and be granted a leave of absence from the league without risking being removed from the league permanently. It is highly discouraged that a member leave the league, but this provision exists to keep the long-term makeup of the league intact while allowing members to effectively deal with any personal matters.
League Pot
The minimum entry for any league prize will be 25.00 per league owner. Any increase to the 25.00 will require a league vote to increase. The commisioner will act as the collector and or www.leaguesafepost.com. Any team that does not wish to participate does not have to, but will be unable to claim the prize if securing a league championship. A second place portion of the pot total may be given as a 2nd place prize as agreed by the league prior to the season. 
There are currently no league dues. All prizes and awards are paid for by the league commisioner. In the event that league dues are requested, a league vote will be made to determine a fair monthly amount and or dues system.

      Section IX: Bylaw Modification
On motion by the Board of Directors, a league vote may alter these bylaws.
Any manager may suggest a modification to the Commisioner at any time via phone call, email or private message.
A simple majority of the league is required to change any of the above bylaws.  Private, anonymous polling will also be conducted on the Polk High FFL league site, slack.com, or via emailed poll (private)